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NEO is a non-profit, community-based blockchain project. It is a distributed network that uses blockchain technology and digital identity for

A few days ago, an elevation of privilege vulnerability in Windows was exposed, but only two days later, an organization

According to a recent report from the citizen lab, Pegasus, considered one in all the foremost dangerous mobile spyware within

If you have installed a network-attached memory device manufactured by LG electronics, you ought to take it down right away,

It's time to update your Drupal websites, once again. For the second time within a month, Drupal has been found

Secnic (SCS) researchers have uncovered a new hacking cluster that's sharply targeting healthcare organizations and connected sectors across the world

Two separate groups of security researchers have revealed operating proof-of-concept exploits for an unpatchable vulnerability in Nvidia's Tegra line of

In a shot to harmonize the work being tired in hospitals and by device makers to deal with medical device