Secnic Certified Reverse Engineering Analyst (SCREA)

The SCREA is a numerous part exam. The principal part comprises of a 50 question numerous decision style exam. Competitors have 2 hours to finish the exam. Hopefuls must accomplish a 70% score or higher keeping in mind the end goal to pass the main segment of the exam. Applicants that pass the primary bit of the SCREA then get the viable segment of the exam. The viable examination comprises of an encoded chronicled compress document. The present arrangement of practical contains a live malware test gathered in nature. The secret key for the record is contaminated.

To pass the SCREA, the competitor must figure out the malware test and present a report inside of 60 days of passing the different decision segment of the exam. The report ought to contain the accompanying points of interest (if applicable to your malware test):

  • General capacity and usefulness of the malware
  • Behavioral examples of malware
  • Local framework collaboration
  • Files and registry keys made, altered and got to
  • Network conduct (counting hosts, areas and IP addresses got to)
  • Time and neighborhood framework dependant components
  • Method and method for correspondence
  • Original disease vector and spread approach
  • Use of encryption for capacity, correspondence
  • Use of self-changing or scrambled code
  • Any data concerning improvement of malware (compiler sort, nation of root, creator names/handles, and so forth.)

Hopefuls ought to give recorded code tests to get full kudos for the above things.

Hopefuls must score 210 out 300 focuses (70%) on the commonsense examination to finish the accreditation handle and be awared the SCREA affirmation.

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Why Certify?

Talented data confirmation experts are the most vital piece in the data security riddle. Competitors that accomplish a confirmation that requires capability past book learning is a significant strategy for separating ability levels of data certification experts.

Advantages of Secnic accreditation to the Professional:

  • Demonstrates hypothetical learning of data confirmation.
  • Confirms responsibility to data confirmation calling.
  • Serves as a differentiator in the exceedingly focused data security work market.
  • Provides access to a system of affirmed people.

Advantages of Secnic accreditation to the Employers:

  • Establishes a gauge ability level necessity for very specialized positions.
  • Ensures that people have required hands-on aptitudes to perform at work.
  • Access to a system of topic specialists.