Secnic Certified Penetration Tester (SCPT)

The SCPT accreditation is intended to affirm that hopefuls have master level learning and abilities in connection to entrance testing.

The SCPT comprises of 9 areas straightforwardly identifying with occupation obligations of master level in penetration testing. SECNIC characterizes a “Secnic Certifies Penetration Tester” as:

A man who is exceedingly talented in techniques for assessing the security of a PC frameworks, systems and programming by reproducing an assaults by a malignant client. The procedure includes a dynamic investigation of the framework for any potential vulnerabilities that might come about because of poor or dishonorable framework arrangement, known and/or obscure equipment or programming blemishes, or operational shortcomings in procedure or specialized countermeasures. A Secnic Certified Penetration Tester ought to furthermore have the capacity to find and dependably abuse obscure vulnerabilities in focused programming and frameworks.

Full time course is intended to encourage Professionals with world class standard of VA/PT; This course shows all of you the required propelled abilities of an Penetration Tester.

Pre-imperative – BTech or MCA.

The exam comprises of two sections, a conventional different decision, genuine/false and numerous answer examination and a take-home reasonable exam. The different decision exam comprises of 50 inquiries arbitrarily pulled from an expert rundown of inquiries. The confirmation competitor has 2 hours to finish the exam.

The 9 Secnic Certified Penetration Tester (SCPT) Domains are as per the following:

  • Penetration Testing Methodologies
  • Network Protocol Attacks
  • Network Reconnisannce
  • Vulnerability Identification
  • Windows Exploits
  • Unix/Linux Exploits
  • Covert Channels and Rootkits
  • Wireless Security Flaws
  • Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • Penetration Testing Methodologies
  • Network Attacks
  • Network Recon
  • Windows Shellcode
  • Linux and Unix Shellcode
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Memory Corruption/Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
  • Exploit Creation – Windows Architecture
  • Exploit Creation – Linux/Unix ArchitectureWeb Application Vulnerabilities

Any competitor that answers 70% of the inquiries accurately is considered to have passed the numerous decision exam.

Endless supply of the various decision exam, applicants are then appropriated a take-home pragmatic, in which they will be tried on their capacity on three Challenges. Competitors have 60 days from the culmination of the different decision exam to finish the down to earth examination. The three difficulties are as per the following:

Challenge #1: Discover and make a working endeavor for Microsoft Windows Vulnerability.

Challenge #2: Discover and make a working adventure for Linux Vulnerability.

Challenge #3: Reverse designer a Windows Binary.

Hopefuls are told to present a working endeavor for Challenges #1 and #2. Incomplete credit is given for non-working adventures, when submitted with point by point documentation.

Challenge #3 requires that the hopeful take after particular directions, and additionally alternatively reply up to three inquiries regarding the paired and/or present a twofold with changed capacity as indicated. Halfway credit is additionally accessible for Challenge #3 with supporting documentation.

The down to earth is then submitted to an exam delegate, who will review the exam. A 70% is viewed as a passing review. By and large, applicants that submit working endeavors and in addition a legitimately turned around twofold will pass the exam.

Turning into a contender for the SCPT exam:

There are three alternatives for taking the SCPT exam:

  • The SCPT is accessible at any of our Secnic Training Center (STC).
  • The exam can be administered nearby at your area for gatherings of 10 or more.
  • Individuals utilized at part associations can take the exam over the web.

Access to the CPT exam:

  • All SCPT related correspondence is sent to the email address you gave when you enrolled.
  • All preparing and accreditation is directed through the exam motor. Utilize the exam motor to sign into your record to take exams..
  • Once you sign in, you will have interfaces for Certification Attempts and/or Self Study Files as fitting to your enrollment.
  • Please make sure to peruse all documentation pages.

Exam Fees:

As the STC is a not-revenue driven association, please know that expenses are utilized just for managerial capacities.

  • Flat charge of Rs. 12000 for each exam.
  • On-site delegated exams are 2000 for each voucher.

Prepared to take the exam? Contact a preparation accomplice or register to take the exam here.

Tips for Success:

The SCPT affirmation project is exceptionally testing. We offer the accompanying exhortation while seeking after your confirmation:

  • Budget your time deliberately. Try not to put off until the latest possible time and hope to do well.
  • Plan to invest a few hands on energy working with any of the assets accessible on the web for adventure composing. You are not formally required to have involvement in the field with a specific end goal to take the SCPT confirmation. Do understand that by configuration the SCPT concentrates on and tests your capacity to apply your insight and aptitudes practically speaking. You will have a much less demanding time with the affirmation process on the off chance that you’ve invested some energy working with the apparatuses and innovation.