Secnic Certified Penetration Tester (SCPT)

Secnic Certified Penetration Tester (SCPT)

The SCPT accreditation is intended to affirm that hopefuls have master level learning and abilities in connection to entrance testing.

The SCPT comprises of 9 areas straightforwardly identifying with occupation obligations of master level in penetration testing. Secnic characterizes a “Secnic Certifies Penetration Tester” as:

A man who is exceedingly talented in techniques for assessing the security of PC frameworks, systems, and programming by reproducing an assault by a malignant client. The procedure includes a dynamic investigation of the framework for any potential vulnerabilities that might come about because of poor or dishonorable framework arrangement, known and/or obscure equipment or programming blemishes, or operational shortcomings in procedure or specialized countermeasures. A Secnic Certified Penetration Tester ought to furthermore have the capacity to find and dependably abuse obscure vulnerabilities in focused programming and frameworks. Learn More

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