Secnic Certified Malware analyst (SCMA)

Real-World Scenario (Course Overview):

You are the leader of an incident response team charged with conducting high-profile cybercrime investigations for a major corporate agency. This organization is hit with millions of hacking attempts daily. The enterprise network has been under attack for the past two weeks and members of your team have been working around-the-clock to contain the incident. After many man-hours, the network seemed calm and the attack appeared to be thwarted; or so you thought. Exactly one week later, a member of the Tier II team observes that attackers have successfully penetrated valuable systems and are pilfering crucial government data to a foreign country. Some of the malicious software (malware) has been captured, but you have limited expertise to answer critical questions about the compromise. Senior agency’s officials are demanding immediate answers as to how the malware got into the network, where it originated from, what critical data was compromised, who created the malware, and how the agency can defend against this type of attack in the future. Do you have the requisite skills to provide quick and accurate answers to the above high profile penetration and mitigate future attempts? Learn More


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