Secnic Certified Computer Forensics Examiner (SCCFE)

The Secnic Certified Computer Forensics Examiner (SCCFE) tests a hopeful’s key learning of the PC crime scene investigation proof recuperation and examination process. Applicants are assessed on their pertinent learning of both hard and delicate aptitudes. Competitors will be tried on delicate abilities; they should demonstrate that they have the requisite foundation learning of the complex legitimate issues that identify with the PC crime scene investigation field. Competitors’ hard abilities are confirmed through a far reaching reasonable examination that is given to applicants that pass the online multiple decision exam. Just competitors that finish both the online multiple decision exam and the common sense exam are conceded dynamic SCCFE confirmation status.

The exam comprises of two sections, a customary numerous decisions, genuine/false and various answer examination and a take-home useful exam. The different decision exam comprises of 50 inquiries haphazardly pulled from an expert rundown of inquiries. The affirmation applicant has 2 hours to finish the multiple decision exam. Candidates that pass the numerous decision exam are then offered access to the down to earth examination documents. These documents are case records from a fake PC crime scene investigation case, the case documents will likewise incorporate situation portrayal of the case being referred to. The competitor should then perform a PC crime scene investigation examination looking into it records, review a report that could be utilized as confirmation as a part of a court of law, and after that present the report for evaluating inside of 60 days.

The 9 Secnic Certified Computer Forensics Examiner (SCCFE) Domains are as per the following:

  • Law, Ethics and Legal Issues
  • The Investigation Process
  • Computer Forensic Tools
  • Hard Disk Evidence Recovery and Integrity
  • Digital Device Recovery and Integrity
  • File System Forensics
  • Evidence Analysis and Correlation
  • Evidence Recovery of Windows-Based Systems
  • Network and Volatile Memory Forensics
  • Report Writing

Why Certify?

Secnic Certified Computer Forensics Examiner (SCCFE) is the most in-demand skill set in the market as the malware attack is increasingly attacking Indian IT infrastructure

Advantages of Secnic affirmation to the Professional:

  • Demonstrates hypothetical learning of data affirmation.
  • Confirms responsibility to data confirmation calling.
  • Serves as a differentiator in the exceptionally focused data security work market.
  • Provides access to a system of affirmed people.

Advantages of Secnic accreditation to the Employers:

  • Establishes a gauge expertise level necessity for exceptionally specialized positions.
  • Ensures that people have required hands-on aptitudes to perform at work.
  • Access to a system of topic specialists.