Secnic Certified Application Security Specialist (SCASS)

The Secnic Certified Application Security Specialist (SCASS) affirmation is intended to evaluate the information and aptitude set of competitors inside of utilization security and secure programing domain. Competitors ought to have involvement in the accompanying zones with a specific end goal to sit for the exam:

  • Secure Programming throughout the Application Development Lifecycle
  • Confronting Flawed Input Data
  • Implementation Best Practices
  • Source code examination checking programming
  • Code Origin Access Control Methods
  • Network Transmission Security
  • WS Security, XKMS, and WS-I Basic security profiles
  • SecureXML Libraries
  • Privilege Escalation Opportunities
  • Race Conditions
  • Cross Site Scripting Injection
  • .Net Secure Remoting
  • Windows Forms Security
  • SQL Server: Exploitation and Defense
  • Fault Injection and Fuzzing
  • Java security administrators, strategy documents, and JAAS
  • ASP.NET Security
  • XOR, Base64 and Garbage Data Obfuscation
  • Securely Maintaining Session State – Best Practices
  • Session obsession
  • Vulnerabilties in AJAX-empowered applications
  • Advanced SQL Injection
  • Oracle PL/SQL Injection
  • .Net Security tokens, XML signature, XML canonicalization, and XML encryption
  • .Net WS-Trust and WS-SecureConversation
  • Error Control Verbosity Abuse

Secnic Consultancy Services is:

  • An industry standard association.
  • Formed by data security experts.
  • Secnic Training focus is a not-for-benefit legitimate substance with a sole mission to affirm people.
  • Requires all exam possibility to pass a hands-on down to earth examination.

All confirmations offered by the Secnic are made out of a customary numerous decision exam, and additionally a hands-on useful exam. The objective of this two-stages procedure is to figure out whether an affirmation applicant has the required information of hypotheses and ideas. Also, the second step is intended to thoroughly test the capacity of the possibility to perform work pertinent, hands-on specialized aptitudes identified with data certification.

Why Certify?

Talented data certification experts are the most essential piece in the data security riddle. Hopefuls that accomplish an affirmation that requires capability past book learning is a profitable technique for separating ability levels of data certification experts.

Advantages of Secnic accreditation to the Professional:

  • Demonstrates hypothetical learning of data certification.
  • Confirms responsibility to data certification calling.
  • Serves as a differentiator in the exceedingly focused data security work market.
  • Provides access to a system of ensured people.

Advantages of Secnic affirmation to the Employers:

  • Establishes a standard aptitude level necessity for very specialized positions.
  • Ensures that people have required hands-on abilities to perform at work.
  • Access to a system of topic specialists.