Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing exercise walks through a series of tasks cultivated particularly for identification and simulated exploitation of vulnerabilities. we’ve worked on web applications, VPNs, firewalls, mail servers, and the entire network perimeter.

Benefits: Our penetration testing service could be a extremely creative, out-of-the-box engagement, and infrequently leads to new vulnerabilities being discovered or a brand new tool being developed from such an exercise. Our teams are extremely enthusiastic and committed to doing as comprehensive an assessment as possible. Our team members also are actively engaged in security analysis initiatives such as:

  • Security advisories of the vulnerabilities we have discovered
  • Penetration testing tools that we have developed
  • Our articles that have appeared in various publications and websites,
  • Presentations made at various security forums and conferences
  • We pride ourselves in providing quality deliverables to our clients during our security assessment engagements with them. Our client testimonials are the strongest testimony for our work quality and deliverables.

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