Regular testing, auditing, and rehearsal of your disaster recovery plans are essential to make sure that they do work, and
Organization may provides Internet access primarily to enable the conduct of IT and administrative activities in support of the organisation’s
Physical controls are often viewed as involving only physical access to a facility. However, physical controls also include access to
Passwords are the first line of defense for the protection of AU information system resources. Using good passwords will help
What it is Malware is malicious software or software designed to perform malicious actions on a device. It can be introduced
What it is Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a digital authentication method that requires two or more distinct authentication factors for
What it is Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams attempt to deceive organizations into sending money or employee’s personally identifiable information
What it is A backup is a copy of the system or network’s data for file restoration or archival purposes. Backups
Privilege escalation always comes down to proper enumeration. But to accomplish proper enumeration you need to know what to check
While it is important for any organization to adopt a cybersecurity standard, just checking all of the boxes on one