Block-Chain Enabled Systems Security

When a technology develops as rapidly as blockchain is evolving, many potential loopholes tend to be overlooked during implementation. As you begin to build out your blockchain infrastructure, invest thought and resources into ensuring that vulnerabilities do not creep into your system.

Here are some key problems that could derail your blockchain security:

  • Crypto key tampering
  • Block-chain permissions escalation
  • Inappropriate consensus mechanism
  • Lack of block-chain security program plan
  • Lack of block-chain integrity
  • Lack of malicious code protection
  • Misused timestamps
  • Genesis block tampering
  • Denial of service (DoS) attacks
  • Packet sniffing & MITM attacks

Do not leave your block-chain security and business reputation to chance. Talk to Secnic, the globally recognized cyber-security specialists. We will work closely with your team to assess, enable and secure your block chain life-cycle.

The Blockchain implementation

  • Nodes
    • Vulnerability Assessment and Build Review
    • Redundancy Testing
    • Synchronization Testing
    • Consensus Algorithm Testing
    • Private Keys (The Wallets)
      • Password Strength Review
      • Key Storage Review
    • Shared Ledger (The Storage)
      • Information Disclosure Checks
      • Smart Contracts (The Functionality)
        • Secure Code Review
      • The Application (The Usage)
        • API Testing
        • Web Application
        •  Mobile Application

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