On average, every business suffers a minimum of one DDoS attack each year average cost? Upwards of $100,000 per hour.

DDoS attacks vary from pranksters having fun to targeted acts of revenge, protest, theft and extortion. betting on their skills, attackers could use readily obtainable DDoS tools or launch additional refined attacks. Ultimately, all DDoS attacks have one objective—to disrupt service availableness and have a major impact on businesses.

Suddenly, your applications aren’t obtainable and you can’t do business with customers.

Secnic provides seamless, flexible, and easy-to-deploy solutions that enable a fast response, no matter what type of DDoS attack you’re under

  • Defends against the full spectrum of DDoS attacks with multi-layered, hybrid defense that combines cloud scrubbing and an on-premises appliance
  • Supports flexible deployment options with inline and out-of-band mode to make sure your applications remain available.
  • Detects and mitigates targeted multi-vector, bursty DDoS with sub-second attack detection and instant mitigation in inline mode.
  • Seamlessly integrates on-premises and native cloud-based attacks, signaling secnic Silverline cloud-based scrubbing.
  • Choose an application-aware solution.

Secnic offers the most comprehensive layer 3—layer 7 DDoS mitigation, combining on-premises and cloud DDoS scrubbing to mitigate network, application, and volumetric attacks.

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