Android/SilverPush.A detects apps that include one of SilverPush’s SDK, and not inform users of the existence of this through an EULA.

Indication of Infection

User’s device could be:

  • IMEI number
  • Operating system version
  • Location
  • Potentially the identity of the owner
  • The behavior of these users using these kind of media (TVs, web browsers and radios)

Methods of Infection

User installs any applications with the certain SilverPush SDK installed.

Virus Characteristics

SilverPush SDK can be included (with no informed consent of users) in third parties apps, and is designed to catch near-ultrasonic sounds, from advertisement by TVs, web browsers or radios. These messages are picked up by the built-in microphone of the smart devices (phones or tablets) collecting certain personal information

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