7 in 10 Indians at data breach risk through old device

Seven out of every ten people in India are liable to information breach and privacy risks while disposing their recent storage devices, in step with a report.

The residual information will simply comprise wrong hands, and may result in identity thefts, monetary frauds, personal security threats and user privacy problems.

Businesses will be liable to information stealing and misuse of business-critical info like monetary reports, trade agreements, intellectual property, business intelligence and trade secrets to call some

“This lack of awareness among customers at massive will result in an alarming rise in acts of crime. It conjointly underlines the acute importance of adoption of information cleanup procedures by people and organisations as a safeguard at time of disposal of recent IT assets.”

The study analysed over three hundred used devices comprising hard drives, memory cards and mobile phones. The devices analysed within the study were procured from people, on-line portals and resellers across multiple locations. The analysis revealed that 71 per cent of those devices contained personal information, personally identifiable info (PII) and sensitive business info. The study highlights the importance of mistreatment secure information wiping strategies at the time of commerce recent storage devices.

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